Valentines Day Cards- Choose According To Personality

Once again Valentines day is here, It is the time to celebrate Valentines day 2016. One again this question is here what type of card you should go for? If you go to gift shop you will see a huge collection of card but the first thought that will roll your mind is “All cards are as same  as the previous year”.


Some of you like that sort of cards which are available like a big heart, flowers and all and nothing is wrong in that. But what about them who want to express their love in a new way? Sometimes those snoopy cards works very well. We have no need to put put extra efforts but when you really want to make Valentines day 2016 special think different.

If you are going to buy a card in holiday season. You will see the shelves full of musical cards. If you consider a novelty, the musical cards have gone mainstream.

    The problem with musical cards is the battery. If you have been to a Wal-Mart you will know what I want to explain. What people do is they love to sand in card aisle and love to play them until the battery run out.

Now, we got the solution of this problem is some cards are available in market with standard battery. User can use it and can resurrect it with a new battery if needed.

So, this valentines, Do hurry and buy  perfect musical card for your partner.Here is a nice idea if you have kids. What you can do is make them to create a valentines day card it will enhance their creativity. You can make them create their own card. It can be very simple or very complex. It depends on your choice, what kind of card you are going to create.

In this 21st century, We can hi-tech too. Create a pretty valentines card with Photoshop and other available softwares. Take a print out with color printer and make or buy a beautiful envelope and decorate it with colors and silk lace. Moreover you can go for websites that provides valentines day cards. You can select a card from their collection. It will take less time.  


I understand that everyone has their own choice. May be what i like is not good in other’s opinion. And you know very well what kind of personality your partner is and affects him/her the most. Go for a card according to your partner’s choice and enjoy this valentines day 2016 with new joy and full of energy.



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